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Certify Data Center to host your site from information to online web's store.

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Welcome to BNITS, Inc.

BNITS Inc., dba, Advance IT Solutions, is an IT company located in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Since 1999, we have provided superior service to all of our clients including network setup and support, database management, web and email hosting, web and graphics design and many other technical services. We pride ourselves in quickly meeting our client's needs with dependable service.

Most of our clients are friends of current or past clients who were simply satisfied with our service. With Advance IT Solutions, you are not a number. We want to work with you as you make your company successful and grow.

Our support team can provide 24/7 support on-site or off-site. Our staff has the knowledge and real-life experience to handle today's complex business and IT environments and we are individually accredited and certified in specific technologies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Dell and Cisco.

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Technical Articles

Quick Review of the Milebug application. Available on iPhone, Nokia/Symbian and Android market place.
If you have an iPhone, you don't need a separate app to find an open wireless connection for your laptop.
You can set up multiple email accounts in Outlook, and they can all have their own email address associated with them. This address will automatically appear in the From: line you send from the account.
An easy way to protect yourself against viruses is to setup multiple user accounts when setting up windows. Setup an administrator account that has full privileges. Then setup a regular user account that does not have installation program rights.
With the popularity of the iPhone and social networking such as facebook and myspace, sharing photos is a means of communicating. Whether it be the birth of a new baby, where you spent new years, a friend singing karaoke, or what you ate for breakfast, we
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